Thursday, March 28

It’s really factual that whatever our parents say about us prevails in our lifes. I never realized that until I discovered this story.
It came to pass when a family comprising a father, a mother and a young woman who was their daughter lived in a town called Bawjiase which coincidently happens to be the first programme area of Plan Ghana in the Central Region of Ghana. After their daughter’s 15th birthday, the family was graced with a set of twins who were all boys.
It was really a gospel to the father. One and a half years on, these boys grew with a lot of troubles surrounding their activities. Their behavior, one would say always contradicts what they were asked to do.
One day, during the family’s usual visit to the farm, the twins did not allow any productive activity to prevail. This was due to their continuous wailing. The mother who at this point found it extremely difficult to bring these boys under could not but seek for a helping hand from her only daughter who was then around. But only to be welcomed with the rather unfortunate reply “ma soma wo se wo ntaafo? Literally meaning “have I asked you to give birth to twins?  And the mother boisterously said in reply “ wo be nyin abetao” meaning the same fate definitely awaits the young lady when she comes of age. Like a prophecy from God, the pronouncement from the mother ushered the beginning of enormous tragedies in the young ladies life.  She after some years later got married to a very honorable man.
The lady after some years got pregnant and gave birth to a triplet, two boys and a girl. These children as if were always pinched by an unknown force did not allow their mother to ever a wailing free bath. On occasions, she had to go the whole day without bathing neither did she got the chance to attend to other household chores.
The argument put across is not against giving birth to twins or triplets but against obstinate and disrespectful characters, especially against our biologically parents.
We should always Endeavour to extend the needed respect to our parents for whatever ill mouthed speech they make concerning our future might definitely have an adverse effect on us in the near future. Parents, we must not forget have powerful tongues and whatever they say concerning our lives had the tendency of coming into reality.
As the good old book puts it in Exodus 20:12 “respect your father and your mother so that you may live a long time in the land that I am giving you”