Saturday, March 9


Homosexuality is a desire directed towards a person or persons of ones own sex. Homosexuality is an issue which had been in the media terrain for sometime now and had created a lot of controversies in Ghana these days of ours. First and foremost, pardon me to wade into this prickly area of discussion.
In my own discernment, I think homosexuality is a way forward for a country into destruction. This is the fact that, talking from biblical conception, I know that Sodom and Gomorra were destroyed by God the Almighty because of homosexuality. Are we ready to perish as it happened some years ago in Sodom and Gomorra?  
In adding up to the above, God in his own wisdom created a man and a woman – Adam and Eve but not Adam and Job or Eve and Sarah. The purpose for their creation is to procreate in abundance. Why then would a man love to play a sex game with a man and likewise for the women. Involving oneself to this abominable activity is a sense of abnormality. At least science tells me that ‘like poles repel while opposite poles attract’. This means that a negative cannot attract negative part of a negative magnet. In the same way, positive part of a magnet cannot attract positive part of another magnet. This tells me that, there is no way a man should play a sexual game with a fellow man. In the same way, female cannot and must not play a sexual game with a fellow.
Not all, every country has his/her own culture or defining qualities that make them proud belonging in that country. Ghana has a culture and tradition as well that makes it a taboo to engage in same relationship with same gender. Homosexuality is seen by the Ghanaian as a taboo to this honorable nation of ours. Since when did we hear in our culture that a man married a man and a woman married a woman?
Legalizing homosexuality is a way of inviting an unpardonable curse unto this country- an innocent country though with some degree of sin. As it stands now, I think our chiefs as well as every purposeful Ghanaian should rise up on their feet to fight for the culture of this country.
Practicing homosexuality comes with a great benefit called anal infection and this calls for abnormal increase in the number of patients in our health facilities. Already Ghana have a challenge in some social amenities such as Energy, Good water flowing and many other ones you might think of. WHY SHOULD WE ADD A BURDEN TO OUR BURDENS OH GHANA?
My brothers and sisters, I strongly stand against the legalization of homosexuality in Ghana. I want you all to rally behind me to cutlass homosexuality.
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