Friday, June 28

Dabala Senior High Technical (Dastech) would on the Saturday 13 July, 2013, celebrate its first Prize and Speech-given as well its 22nd Anniversary. The Headmaster, The Staff, The Past and present students as well as all stakeholders have laid down a week for the celebration of its first ever Speech and Prize-given day. The activities will start from Monday 8 July, 2013 with wonderful activities.

Dabala Senior High Technical (Dastech) is a second cycle institution situated in the South Tongu constituency of the Volta Region of Ghana precisely Dabala (about fifteen minute drive from Sogakope). The courses being offered in this school include General Arts, Home Economics, Business, Agricultural Science and Technical programs.
Dastech was established on 28th January, 1991 and since then has been increasing as in the population of students as well as Staff. Though peopled with lots of problem, the students try their best to come out with flying colors at the end of their years.
Dastech is said to have started with quite a few number of students of as well as the staff. I want to use this opportunity to invite all and sundry to make it a point appear in person at the ceremony. If you are not coming at all, the grand durbar should not be missed. Come and experience the nobility of Dastech.

Thank you.
 Written by:  Julius Kofi Satsi
                  (Ghana Institute of Journalism)