Monday, June 24

Sometimes I reflect how many but not all fathers could be so lackadaisical about their children. I am saying this from a point of view of my own experience with someone call himself. I know it all happened for a purpose and would be known very soon. Interacting with many people of my age class, there seem to a faction of irresponsible fathers in precedent.
I calculatedly went to the one who calls me son on the 22 June, 2013, to inform him about my decision to further up my education in the tertiary. Do you know what he told me? He said that he has no money to give me now but the only thing he can do is to sell some plots of his land he had intended sell before my coming to him there. I will use some of the proceeds to sponsor me.

This also comes with conditions of which I am to replace it after my completion of my tertiary education. The other one was that I am look for people to come and purchase the land in order to get the money for me. He will call my brothers and tell them that he has sold part of the land he intended giving to all of us and given me the proceeds to further my education.

I asked him ‘father, is that the only way you can get money for me to school?’ Yes that is the way because I can’t assure you of any money from anywhere else, he replied. I told myself after leaving him in his residence in Bawjiase that this is a person who is supposed to my father. 

I am not trying to dry my dirty duster in the public but it is for a fact that I can confidently say that I can recall all the monies that my so-called father given from childhood to where I have reached now. 

I am writing this so that my audiences will be my witnesses someday to come. I see all these as testimonies and learning process for a person who want to become a responsible father as I have promised to be. 

Brethren, it is very important to note that if you are not ready to take up the role a family leader, then you must tread your paths cautiously and be sincere to yourselves and your partner if there is any. The little slump could be a barricade in your way to achieving higher in life.

To be responsible father or parent, you ought to keep promises to yourself, other people and God the almighty one. 

All though my father used to be a famous person, he did not manage his resources rationally and as a result he is now having problems with his finances.

A word to the wise is enough.