Monday, June 17

“When a child defecates on the mothers thigh it is washed but not cut”

Hello Grandma, good morning. Good morning, how are you? I am okay. Grandma please I am very sorry for all what I caused you. Please forgive me and accept me back to your abode. This were the words from the young and pretty lady who has all of a sudden become a woman, Makafui when she called her grandmother some two years back after leaving.
The two have been leaving in a community in the Eastern region of Ghana called “Famame” when the battle between womanhood and adulthood began for the young and beautiful girl Makafui aka Kafui. When the ball thrown against the wall, it bounces back and an adage in the Twi language says that “Sankofa yenkyi”.
Makafui was one and half year when parents sent her lovely and caring grandmother, Mad Kesewa. Mad. Kesewa was a very discipline woman who would tolerate any deviant in her corridor. Kafui as she was affectionately called by her grandmother has been nurtured all this years with a great esteem by a woman of substance but never utilized that value.
Makafui served as a companionship to Mad. Kesewa since she had no husband to be with. The 62 year old woman was in her days retiring from the active services rendered to the government of Ghana.
When Makafui reached her late years in the Junior High school, she became enthused with men or boys. She had a boy friend who she visits every time she is sent to the market. In fact Makafui is a material girl to the extent that a little amount of money could be used to cajole her.
It wasn’t long when she had seen some kind of development in her nipples. Eih my breast is enlarging, she exclaims any she looks at and fondles it. No one knew if that has become the source of motivation for her licentious behavior exhibited these days towards her grandmother. “When the blind man threatens to stone you, his leg had step on something”
At age 15, she had several love letters fighting for space in her note books as well as her text books coming from boys from all walks of life. She had depended on her beauty which eventually sends to a get of no return.
On one occasion, she had left her usual place of sleep to her so called lovers place for the whole night when her grand mother had travelled for funeral activities in her hometown. In fact it was a jolly festival for the two illegal couple that night. How was the night for you and your boy friend last night? Mercy had asked out of speculations. Which boyfriend are you talking about? Don’t pretend because I know everything. All well, it’s a night I would ever remember in my life. Kafui as she is affectionately called is a kind of person who loves children and would categorically love to have one of her own. Curiosity they say kills the cat.


After the completion of J.H.S., Makafui had been sent to a vocational institute of which she has requested with enough persuasions. Mad. Kese as her grandmother is affectionately called did everything to ensure that Kafui sailed through her educational life successfully. Mad. Kese provided everything a student would need for Makafui but knows what happened and Makafui had opted out from the school claiming she would no more attend the vocational school. As a good and caring grandmother, she followed to know what has prompted her son’s daughter to opt out from the school. She is a kind person who will not condone with wrong doing but Makafui has become resistance to that because she had been with her for the past fifteen years.
The cause for her opting out was for the fact that she wasn’t interested in what she was learning any longer. The tutors confirmed that she was up to the task with whatever she lays hand on. She will do it perfectly, one of the tutors added.
It is for a fact that she had confirmed that she doesn’t know what prompted her to the schooling.
As a mother she can’t just look on to see be in the house doing nothing because she was also approaching old age. Through vigorous persuasion, another opportunity has been created for again. This time round, she wants to learn a trade thus dress making. Fortunately, Mad. Kesewa had a friend who happened to be a dress maker called Pokua. There was an arrangements and she had gone to start from her new field of study.
Mad. Pokua treated all her apprentices with same love and without discrimination but that was nothing that worth motivational to the new apprentice. All though she is given money to keep herself within a day, it seem not to be enough to her. She has resorted to be relying on her boyfriend for assistance.
For all her grandmother knows, she had stop going to the learning centre claiming she doesn’t want learn from Madam Pokua any longer. Makafui is seen to be a girl who doesn’t want to face challenges in life and so the little one could throw her off. She had rejected another opportunity.

The grandmother has thought it wise to change the environment for Kafui. She thought that may be her grand-daughter need a change of environment to enable her pursue her vision of becoming a great seamstress. Kafui had stayed in Famame all her life and could be recognized by almost everybody although Famame is a city of its own.


The grandmother called her one dawn and said ‘I want you to go and learn the trade you want to pursue at my sister place, what do you think?’ where is that? She asked. She is at Accra. Okay, I think that will be a good idea. Kafui replied enthusiastically. Because she visits her parents in Accra sometimes during vacation, She had this boy who has proposed to her in one occasion. We are yet to know if this