Sunday, June 9

As I watch this woman who came to church late looking for a place to sit, my heart panics in the house of the Lord. How can a fellow Christian come to church and have someone at heart after leaving. As usual, we went our Sunday service and the choristers had entered the house of the lord with the leaders in the church.
It was worship time and as I strongly begin to worship in my heart enthusiastically, there come this woman who was some few minute late for service. This woman who remains anonymous went to sit on one of the second row chairs and she was asked by brethren to come back a bit so that the visitors who came for a thanksgiving service could move in front. She moved back a step and she was still asked to go back once more. The woman then became angry and decided to move to the last seat. A group member who was involved in the process approached to convince her to come back to no avail.
The most touching aspect is that this was the time worship was in progress. While people were worshipping others were solving their problem but we should not forget that as good Christians to control ourselves even in difficult situations such as that.     
I am not by this piece saying that what the woman did was good or bad because the bible says we should not judge. My point here is that those who have taken upon themselves to worship the creator should do that in TRUTH and GOOD FAITH. This is how I interpret what happened, I don’t know how you will interpret it.