Saturday, July 6

Manasseh Azure Awuni, "The BB"

Sometimes, a journalist could report a story which is actually touching and you feel like having a number such talented people in our country Ghana.
If we have just about 15 of such journalists who can report truth and only the truth in our country, I don’t think corruption will be at its peak in the nation as we can all attest now.  For Ghana to progress, all upcoming journalists should endeavour to learn from this gentleman. 

The Bongo boy (BB), Manasseh Azure Awuni was awarded by Ghana Journalist Association as the Journalist of the year, 2011 after successfully revealing a compelling story about a family in the Volta Region.  
The Bongo boy has recently revealed the inconsistencies going on at the National Youth Employment Program NYEP/GYEEDA which has been of great detriment to the nation. I am particular happy about how to help in building our nation just as he (Manasseh) is doing. In fact, I am challenged to help in the discoveries of such unscrupulous acts so far as they continue to exist in this country.
The “bongo boy (BB)” has proved that he is a person who does not condone and connive  with anything that seems not to help the well being of people around his environs. For a fact, this is the kind of people we need in our society as a people. Today we live in a society where people take whatever state property they think should be with them. I pray that the Lord Almighty will give Manasseh Azure Awuni more energy to unravel more hidden secrets.
There are a lot of things undiscovered by the ‘BB’ yet and as a journalist in the making; I yearn to help unravel the unraveled. 
I salute you Manasseh Azure Awuni and long live. “The man, who gives respect to the great, paves his own way to greatness”-Chinua Achebe.