Wednesday, July 31

Professor John Evans Fiifi Attah-Mills became the President of the Republic of Ghana after two-failed attempts to change the face of the Ghanaian politics. Such is life; those who do well do not last on earth to accomplish their mission. The first President of the Republic of Ghana, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame did not accomplish his mission and he was overthrown by the greedy and “money-enthused” individuals in the nation. After the first president, Prof. Mills was and is the next savior for such a corrupt nation but his own people did not receive him. 

On 24 July, 2012 the people of Ghana were whipped by a sudden incidence, the demise of their beloved father, friend, brother….. and President who always refer to people of Ghana and beyond as “My brothers and sisters”.  Personally I heard the sad news on the radio at about 13 GMT but did not believe it was true until it was aired in the evening news. In fact I was so wet within myself and could not find any word to utter. I was dumped. 

The late President’s legacy of peace will continue to linger in the minds of Ghanaian and me particularly. The third John in the Presidency of Ghana was gone forever. He who ministered peace for three and a half years was really gone. He who died three days after his 68th birthday on 21-07-2012 has left a deepest trench in hearts of Ghanaians. He who was and is called “Asomdwehene” (King of peace) is gone with the legacy.

The late President left Ghanaians in the hand of a “John” Dramani Mahama just as Jesus Christ left his mother Mary to John- the disciple.  No matter the circumstances, Professor John Evans Fiifi Attah Mills, you and your legacy shall continually ring in my mind and will never be forgetting. You stood for peace so rest in the peace my mentor and my hero.