Friday, June 21

I am lonely as a youngster this night physically 
But strongly occupied by divine authority spiritually
I hope i will not be like this all my years
Because it has been stipulated in the biblical teachings

When Adam was created into the garden
He was there alone for sometime in the land of Eden
That has from time immemorial been my source of encouragement
I know someday I shall celebrate my wedding after a successful engagement

I have always been for my exquisite dream better-half
I believe she is the one that will encourage me in life 
I am patiently waiting for you hoping your name is Patience 
I pray to god to give me on that the confidence

I am very confident I have met you before but that wasn’t the time
So I relaxed to go prepare for the knocking time
When the time is due the authentic owner shall come to takeover
From the lovely and caring parents currently looking after.