Tuesday, August 27

It became very significance for the Journalists to meet before the Supreme Court Verdict is pronounced on Thursday 29th August, 2013.This event saw the day of light when a forum for Journalists from various media houses ranging from the state-owned to the private-owned was organized on Monday, 26 August 2013.The forum was dubbed “Media Reportage and Responsibility after the SUPREME COURT VERDICT”.

Present were the executives of Ghana Journalist Association, the National Media Commission Chairman, and a representative of the Ghana National Gas Company as well as the Journalists from both the State and Private Media houses. 

Both the print media and the electronic media emerged at the premises of the Ghana International Press Center. It was a forum to dialogue over and advise the journalists and other stakeholders of the media ahead of the final verdict on the 2012 election petition which has sent the two major parties in the country to the highest court of the land.    
The President of the Ghana Journalists’ Association, Mr. Affail Monnie elaborated in his address that “we are here to mind our own business” and asked journalists to take the full responsibility of whatever they broadcast or publish in the media being mindful of the threat it might pose to National security. 

Mrs. Batil Mensah, the Representative of Ghana National Gas Company also said in her address that the media is the “stability estate” of the land rather than we referred to as the” fourth estate” of the land. She pleaded with journalists to report with the aim of protecting the peace of the land on which we live. 

Ambassador Kabral Blay Amihere, the NMC also added that every individual including the journalist has a role to play in sustaining the abundant peace enjoyed by the good people Ghana.
He cautioned journalists to stick to their code of conducts and ethics. He also promised that the NMC will deal acrimoniously with any journalist who defiles the rule of the profession.