Monday, August 5

Money is used to do a lot of things ranging from investment to purchasing. Ghana’s Cedis and pesewas has revolved from time to time but we still have the same problems with the handling of our monies. The way and manner many but not all Ghanaians  at certain times handle our money is so atrocious.  Even though it is a great offense to mishandle the currency, most people do not regard it because nobody forces them to do so.

Crumpling of the money is something that has been done from time immemorial and will need sometime to be eradicated. A person who calls himself a gentleman could put the money in his pocket anyway and anyhow that pleases him.
Not forgetting, the ladies who just jostle the money in their tightened jeans trousers.  When the youths of the nation take no interest in preserving the properties of the state especially the currency, how then should we expect progress in the country.

Sometimes you see people writing on the money (notes) like a jotter which should not be the case.The other time I was giving a one Ghanaian Cedi note and somebody's contact information had been written on it.
In other cases, people cut the money for the reason which is best known to them who do it.

The fact is that, the deteriorated money must be replaced which also requires additional resources is a great burden to the nation. These resources can be used for any of the numerous developmental project which could assist in booming the economy.     
If I see how our women in the market mishandle our money, I feel like not handling the money again due to the deteriorative nature in which they’ve put the money. Grasping the money and tying the money on the edge of their clothes are so much inconsistence.

It will be a great national disservice if I refuse to give some recommendations to the aforementioned perturbing issues confronting our dear nation Ghana. 
I am of the view that we must institute a serious education on the handling of our money. If this process is intensified through diverse ways, there could be some sort of change in Ghanaian so as to help save the nation from incurring extra cost.

I also feel that we should be one another's keeper due to fact we could all forget. As this goes on from time to time, we will all develop that habit of keeping our money clean to avoid unnecessary cost for the nation.