Saturday, March 1

Teaching is all about telling people to know about what a concept by all means. Impacting this knowledge to me, into people is a very crucial work that needs to be given much attention. I was fortunate to
teach in a school located in the heart of Awutu Bawjiase in the central region of Ghana. Uncle Sam Preparatory School is a school comprising of children from the ages of one and above. It has a student population of about 500 pupils.

After my second cycle education at Dabala Senior High Technical School, I searched the nook and crannies of my environs that I could do something to help out my parent and had finally settle on this school as a ‘class 2’ tutor.
I will say for a fact that sometimes I lost the taste of teaching due to certain circumstances I managed to bear.
One thing I will never forget was when I asked in an examination that pupils should draw a computer mouse and one pupil drew a mouse (as in animal) for me. I came to realize that practical aspect of teaching is very crucial. I was surprised but also thought that it's not her fault because she had probabily not seen or touched it yet in life.

In many but not all schools in Ghana, pupils lack the feel of these ICT tools and gadgets even in the so-called private schools. 
When I was teaching, I handled almost 100 pupils in my class and the only way to teach such a number is through mass communication of which some of them understood while others could not.

I see teaching without practicality as eating an unbalanced diet, there would definitely be a deficiency. My humble appeal to all and sundry is to be very conscious about the education of your child as well as yourself.

Thank God my school, Ghana Institute of Journalism now has a radio to aid me blend the practicals with the theories. At long last, the battle has ended.

Long live Ghana.