Friday, May 9

Blogging has always been my passion from the day it was introduced to me by Miss Fusena Aziz (Current Women's Commissioner elect of Ghana Institute of Journalism) at the hostel. I went to see an intimate friend and a young lady came to ask me whether I do blog or not. That was when we were in Level 100. I asked what the blog is and she explained to me and I agreed to register an account.

The blog title she convinced me to choose was “Life happiness” which I changed some few days after I became fully conversant with the program. I have blogged on different issues without any particular genre but anything that comes to mind, I try to organize and put it on the internet through my blog after careful consideration.

The current blog title under which I publish is “Desk Issues” on the URL ‘’ of which I express my opinions on variety of issues.

The last time I blogged effectively was in the early January, this year due to a lot of major and minor problems which I shall spell out in the paragraphs below.
I realized that when I post on the blog, I don’t get the necessary feedbacks so I had to take some time to reorganize myself with strategies that will allow me to reach my audience effectively and efficient.

Another issue is that the academic calendar for the past semester was very tough for me and because I needed a lot of time to do critical thinking to come out with a valuable post, I couldn't blog. Even though I have drafted a lot of writings to publish, I couldn't publish any of them.

These and many other issues have I discovered and would work on.

I also encourage my audience to try and leave comments on the blog posts I shall be doing, so as to encourage me to put in much efforts because I really want to be a benefit to my society.

What do you think about this publication?