Sunday, June 15

Most of the fathers in our time do not deserve to be celebrated and that is why despite all the hypes for Fathers' Day celebration, it seems fruitless.
About 90% of current fathers are not real fathers (per my statistics).

There are many fathers out there still holding on to the fallacy that men are not to perform or help in the performance of household chores or duties.

There are many fathers out there who do not care about the where about of their children.

There are also many fathers who impregnate women and either deny or run away from responsibility (God forgive us). 

Nevertheless, I must confess that there are some fathers who really do whatever they can to make sure the house is well-kept.
There are also fathers who really play their roles and must be appreciated in a different way on this occasion of fathers' day. 

Moreover, it is my hope that in some few years to come, fathers will be celebrated enormously by all and sundry just like mothers' day celebration of our time.

I always say that I am been thought a lesson by the irresponsible fathers, to be a responsible father to my precious and wonderful children in the future.

I pray you all young males reading this write-up not to disappoint our generation but keep the spirit of real fatherhood.

By the way, happy fathers' day to all fathers both responsible and irresponsible and I pray to God for change of heart among men.

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