Friday, July 11

Castro and Jane

Hmm, since the unfortunate incidence of the Ghanaian popular musician, Castro and the lady friend, Janet occurred this Sunday, everyone has developed their own sides to the story.

Which one to take is a big problem now, although that of the media/press is paramount most of the time.

Speaking to people with various backgrounds, it appears that some have a very little interest in the matter while other have deep feelings.
Whatever the matter be, we are still in search of our own relatives, friends, entertainers, enemies, acquaintances and what have you either dead or alive.

Some rumor mongers are saying that since this is not the first time Asomoah Gyan has organised a tournament after party and at least a person dying, they are suspicious of the striker's hand in this.

They continue to say that all the three person who have died out of Gyan's after parties are women (or if you like ladies) but their puzzle is why will a close friend will be involved now should they be found dead ( THE TRUTH STANDS as the Vandal of University of Ghana will say).

Some of the rumours are more intimidating especially when you don't see the real faces behind them.
One thing that I believe has intensified the rumour is the way and manner 'Multi media's Benjamin was reported to have been humiliated after taking photographs of the scene by the boys of the Gyan brothers.

Are they abiding by the rules of the chief priestess at the river where incidence has happened?   Okay, no one knows yet.

This chief priestess, Dzifa Avaga claimed she actually comes from the marine world (Christ have mercy) and that Castro has been invited  by his  marine wife for fortification or whatever.

She said that if Ghanaians do not stop disturbing the marine queen, Castro, may not released early enough or even not all.

Is that the reason for the prevention of photographs or media coverage. May be or may be not.  We shall get to know later on.

It is also in the air that Janet Bandu is or was from the marine world and therefore was sent to come for Castro.

Until Theophilus Tagoe a.k.a Castro and Janet Bandu are found dead or alive, the rumor mongering continues.

We the media and the people of Ghana are really astonished with this drowning because it defiles the rules or let me say procedure of drowning in general.

We are really following closely the development of this story.

We must not forget also that "In every rumour, there is an iota of truth"