Saturday, May 23

Finally, the level 300 journey has ended and we are now successfully in Level 400. This journey can certainly not be described as easy one. As we move ahead, it gets tougher but God dey, we dey.

On the way, there have been some shortfalls which cannot be elaborated fully here but what I know is that the Lord has kept me safely through out all this while.

My first and foremost thanks will go to the Almigthy God for the love and compassion that He has shown to me. Without the grace and mercies of the Lord, I don't know where me and my mates would have been.

I remember the countless number of days that  I have to compulsorily do something out of will because there is probably  no other option. I love you Lord.  Take glory Father, take glory Son, take glory Holy Spirit.

Secondly, I want to use this opportunity to thank all my lecturers who have spent their times to impact on me in this level in my academic journey.

Dr.Wilberforce Dzisah(Rector), Mr. Tanko Musah Zakaria, Mr. Carlton Coffie, Mr. Karl Tuffour, Dr. Hammond, Mr. Baidoo Addo, Dr. Ebow Afful are all  gallant who have taken me through this level.

Without these men, I wouldn't have known anything in this level. My memory would have remained the same or even depreciated.

My next thanks go to all those who have in one way or the other contributed to my promotion to the next level. I am thankful to all those who have availed themselves for me to tap from their knowledge. I really appreciate.

It was tough and sometimes tougher than usual especially with the group projects that took most of our time last semester.

I want to on this note congratulate my noble group members, (chinchinians) of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ). [Bernice Alorgbe, Jean-Marie Nabare, Eugenia Kumi Akorfa, Stella Adobor, Leonora Amoukor Akpey and Sebastian Magnus Commey], Felicity Mensah, Florence Nzeh, Evelyn Yangnuu, Priscilla Osei and Mr. David Collins Appianing are my wonderful group members who have played active role in my 'epistemology'.

Although this  semester wasn't as busy as last semester, we cannot afford to forget the wonderful moments we had on "whatsapp", disagreeing to agree on various topics. Thank you so much and God richly bless you.

I want to also use this opportunity to congratulate my senior men and women who have cross over the border of degree program today. I know how stressful it has been but the Lord who began will always bring it to an end.

You are now going into the world of work. Please let us feel and hear your presence in our society and change makers that our society needs today.  Affect our society positively with what you have attained from the various tertiary institutions.
Go and make your light so shine in all the earth.

Once again, I am thankful to all those who have contributed in one way or the other to aid my ushering  into the final year at the Ghana Institute of Journalism. It is my prayer that the Lord will keep us all grant us the grace to a successful end God willing next year.