Thursday, April 21

The 2012 batch of Dabala Senior High Technical School (Dastech) returns home this weekend with lots of engaging events for students.

The 2012 batch of the school are set to storm the school with a two day event to commemorate the homecoming event under the theme “Making Education My Priority Whilst Still in School”. This homecoming event has been scheduled to come off this Friday, 22nd and Saturday 23rd April, 2016.

Speaking to the Senior Prefect for the year group, Mr Emmanuel Tordzro he revealed to the media that they deem it fit to help the school in diverse ways but for now, through the purchase of a stand-by generator and also empowering the students as well as sharing experiences with them.

This event will be a historical event since it the first time a year group have returned home in a short time period of four years to at least mingle with their younger ones.
Meanwhile, the Member of Parliament for the South Tongu Constituency, Hon. Kobla Mensah Woyomeh has endorsed this homecoming stating that having the mindset to even go back to your school is a sign of responsibility. "This shows that when you get, you will give back society". The MP opined.

On preparations, the Senior Prefect, Mr Tordzro mentioned that they are far ready for the event “even though the monetary aspect is not moving as expected.” He was however optimistic that “with regards to organization, I may say we are on track”
The activities for the event have been listed as Debate, Motivational Speeches from guest speakers, Drama and song ministrations as well for the first day. The second day according activities are games and refreshment.

Mr Tordzro is therefore calling on all old Students of Dabala Senior High Technical School and all interested parties from far and near to join in making this history on this coming Friday and Saturday.

Dabala Senior High Technical School is one of the vibrant second-cycle institutions located in the South Tongu Constituency of the Volta Region in Ghana. It was established some 25 years ago to help in the educational of the citizenry in that part of the country.  

Story by Julius K. Satsi
General Telegraph/