Tuesday, May 31

When I discovered in the bible that the ant is a citadel of wisdom, I decided to befriend her to acquire wisdom – something most people find difficult to do.

I decided to befriend the ant instead of going to him for once or occasionally because it is said that ‘show me your friend and I will show you your character. And I personally believe that the place where your friend’s sandals is found, yours has a higher probability of being found at the same place.

So I went to the ant in the anthill at Dabala in the South Tongu Constituency of the Volta Region in my quest to learn from the ant as the bible instructs me in Proverbs 6:6 “Go to the ant, O sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise”.

My new friend, the ant was very welcoming when she noticed my presence. She gave me a warm welcome as she embraced me with true love (I could feel it) and sincerity – which are subsiding in our days.

The following were some of the dialogue that transpired between the ANT and yours sincerely, JKS under the summer hut of the anthill in Dabala.

JKS: I bring you greetings from the human race.

ANT: I welcome you and accept the greetings from the human race even though you have never recognized my significance. You know there is the saying that ‘we still ask even as we are fully aware, what brings my friend to my humble abode this early morning.

JKS: We have been struggling to visit you to acquire wisdom and learn from your mastery. I said to myself, since we became friend at your grandson’s wedding ceremony, let me take the opportunity to tap into your wisdom as the ALMIGHTY God has instructed us.

ANT: This is very wisdom already on your side on behalf of humanity. And let me notify you that you are already a champion in life because every great human you see out there has visited me in this place. They are all aware of this fact. They are not able to transfer this wisdom to other people efficiently and effectively. I trust you will be different from the others. When people are developed, they can eat good food so that I can also gather much for the rainy season. (Perhaps I can become fatter). Hahaha!

JKS: Hahaha! I am very passionate about people’s success so you have nothing to worry about.

ANT: OK! Your coming here is an act of humility and if all people shall humble themselves as you are doing today, life would be better for all no matter where you find yourselves. Since you’ve visited me as a friend, I won’t hesitate to share with you all my secrets strategies, struggles, and success stories.

JKS: That’s wonderful. I would love to know all these.

ANT: I will tell you everything, just be focused, and have more teachable spirit and ask the right questions. Ask questions because I may not be able to say everything unless you point it out.

First, I want to describe the ant family to you. The ant family is a group that knows and understand the times and seasons like the children of Issachar in 1 Chronicles 12:32. For you to succeed in life, there is the greater task of identifying and understanding the times and seasons in life. You must also know what to do in each season that exists. Remember, there are times and seasons in your life so far as you can see day and night. 

It is therefore very significant for every success-oriented person to be conversant with times and season both spiritually and physically in order not to be cheated. Preparation heralds success.
Another significant thing is that you mustn’t just know the times and seasons that there are. You must take certain actions. This is why you humans will mostly see my family (ants) almost always in a very busy mood trying to gather stuffs (food, wealth and many others) during the dry seasons. It is because we know that the season and know what to do in each season. In the dry season, we go indoors and celebrate.

JKS: My good friend, you are opening my closed eyes widely already. I want to ask this “Are you all ants the same in terms of the knowledge of the seasons and times?

ANT: Just like you are aware, all the human hands are not the same. There are some lazy ants also who know the times and seasons, know what to do but refuse to take action. Sometimes you see very few ants in the rainy season trying to get food to eat. They didn’t make hay while the sun was shining bright.

JKS: It means that what you know becomes useless if you decide to take no action. God bless you for this enlightenment.

Now I would want you to throw more light on some core areas in a person’s life: spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, finances, in a nutshell, personal development. I love to help people develop but I also you can’t give a person what you do not have. In effect, if I am not well developed, I can’t help others to develop.

ANT: Like the bible says, “Whatever you ask in my name, I shall give you”, I will release every detail available with me to you appropriately. Just be focused and don’t be distracted by any noise or barrier to communication. I am very glad that you are recording every detail. You are blessed already.
Now let me say that, I was reading a book by one great teacher, Robert Kiyosaki titled “Rich Dad’s Cash Flow Quadrant”. In the book, he said that every human has to develop in four areas before becoming successful; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development.

JKS: So you still read books upon all the wisdom recommended by the LORD himself?

ANT: Yes I do read books because I am wise, in fact we all read. My children started reading voluminous books of wisdom from infancy. By the age of 9years, they write auto-biography bringing together all the knowledge acquired from the books read, experiences encountered. They do write in their leisure time during the rainy seasons.

JKS: Wow

ANT: We have a lot to talk about oo my good friend!

JKS: Yes, a whole lot.

So this is just a section of the interactions I had with the ant, my newly found friend. I believe there are a lot of lessons embedded in the conversation between JKS and the ANT which we can apply for our own good.


Piece by Julius Kofi Satsi (JKS)
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