Saturday, May 21

When I enrolled in the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) in September 2012, I thought I will be there forever but obviously not. I just learnt that time flies so so much.

I learnt a number of things coupled with so many experiences. The very first of this lessons is that God has been good to us all but the enemy will always try to operate in God's kingdom. I Love The Family of Campus Christian Family. Even though we met only three days in a week, I have gained alot of spiritual, emotional, physical and mental developments.

I don't think all my experiences can be typed but those that can be remembered shall be duly registered.

I learnt alot about human beings. Human beings are not well understood but there are some things that are general. People are very dynamic. I have personally seen friends who changed characters within a space of a semester thus 3 months.

I have learnt how to create both enemies and friends. This has been very helpful and I know it will be very helpful in life. I know how to transform enemies into friends and how to keep friendship as well as how to collapse friendship. It makes me a tough person.

Aside my normal academic works, I have learnt that it is not only about the books recommended in the lecture halls but personal research counts a lot. Attending or participating in extra curricular activities helps open up your mind just like it did for me. I'm blessed with a lot experiences and lessons.
I have learnt and appreciated that everyone has a taste or interest. Just allow them to enjoy from their choices. I've met people who love the beach. Those who love the club. Those who like the educative programs and all manner of people.

I've met people who have transformed from simple people to complex individuals, good to bad, bad to good, dull to smart, smart to dull, smart to smarter, quite to loud, loud to silence, girls to ladies, boys to gentlemen and many others but all the same there have been massive transformations.

In the course of these four years, I've learnt lessons from group works, assignments and many other engagements. Those who won't partake in the work but would love to enjoy the fruit of the work. They were allowed because we recognized we are in a new environment but not the SHS.

People who appointed themselves leaders of groups and misappropriated funds and went scot free.

My four-year stay in GIJ has thought me a lot of life's lessons. I've seen and heard people who spent hundreds cedis a week and those who spent same for two weeks, three weeks and even a month. This underscores the  fact that all hands are not equal.

In all this I'm highly delighted I met alot of people whom I've learnt alot from but may be they don't know they've imparted on me.

Mentioning names will not make me fair because the number is great, the list is tall and I have even lost count.

I met some good and genuine people very early and I met some very late. Such is life but I intend to keep all valuable friends as well as acquaintances.
God bless them all.

This is just but a few lessons I can recall right now as I type this on 9th May, 2016.
We wrote my last paper on 15th May, 2016. Someway somehow, the Lord my God has seen us through to the end of this 4-year journey and I trust His word in Philippians 1:6 that we shall all meet later in the year to receive our crowns.

May the good Lord and King help us all to become great people in life populating His kingdom with genuine hearts of worship.
We shall meet in life again. See you at the top.

God bless 2016 batch!
God bless GIJ!
God bless Ghana !
God bless Africa !