Thursday, June 23

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The conversation continued and become more interesting as secrets were let out of the bag. In today’s section, we examine the thing most people have been desiring for ages. The ANT has been generous so far by first of embracing our visit, telling us more about times and season. Today’s section of the conversation will be more interesting.

JKS: Please I want to know what is meant success to you.

ANT: Success has so many definitions and I will give you four definitions as proposed by Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak of Eternity International, a powerful ministry in the body of Christ - Zaria in Nigeria. He gave it out when he was teaching in a message titled “What Wisdom Is This?!” I buy into these definitions. 

“Success is to grow in the knowledge of God and in the conformity to His nature and principles”
“It also means to experience the blessings of God in every area of life.”
“Success also means to accomplish your life goals and God-given assignment.”
“Success also means to be a blessing to mankind”

JKS: Wow!! How then do I become a successful as a person?

ANT: There are so many things to know and to do before achieving that desired goal and vision. I want inform you and all people you may come in contact with, on seven (7) key things to pursue.

Know your “manufacturer”, Creator, God and love Him
As a mankind, you need to be fully aware of your creator and consistently & persistently honour HIM in all you do, obeying all instructions He has given you. For instance, The Lord has asked us to study the book of the law day and night so that we will be careful to do everything written in the books. He alone knows what lies in the earth for us. He said he has plans for our good. Let’s link up with the creator.
Knowing your creator is not enough for you to be successful. You need to love HIM with your being thus body, soul and mind. You cannot love God half way and make it through in life. HE made your entire system and He knows your components. He knows how to turn things to make it better for your life.

Know your purpose in life
The next thing I suggest you take zealously is to identify your unique purpose for being on earth. Until you identify your unique purpose in life, you cannot achieve anything not to talk of a success. You know your purpose, then you can be able to unleash it to the glory of your manufacturer.

Identify your potentials
Knowing your purpose is not enough for you to be successful. To be successful, you need to spend time to identify your potentials. Your potentials are the inherent abilities which are not tapped yet. You need to really know what you are naturally endowed with and develop it.

Know your vision and mission
Knowing ones vision is very crucial thing every entity would have to pursue. I don’t want to complicate any definition of vision but in simple terms, vision is where you want to be in the next ten years, twenty years and so on. Your mission is how you want to get there thus the strategies you will deplore to get there. An instance I will give you is from my personal experience. We the ant family from time to time set visions and missions ahead of us to be successful and wealthy. That is why we go about gathering wealth whenever the opportunity comes our way.

Be guided and guarded
The next thing is that you need to be guided and guarded by someone who has been to where you want to get to. Being guided means being given the pathways to wherever you desire to get to and being guarded means to be given the needed protection to aid your journey into the desired place.
I am talking about mentorship here my dear friend. Until you allow yourself to be guided by someone either directly or indirectly, you will continue roaming about in life. You might eventually get to the Promised Land but you would have wasted much time unnecessarily.
In this course of mentorship, you need to be very humble in order learn a lot from you mentor. Without humility, the lesser cannot receive from the greater. The next thing is that you must be able to honour your mentor in your heart first before any other form of honouring. This will pave way for you get to the top. Chinua Achebe once said “a man who pays respect for the great paves the way for his own greatness.” Every great and successful man have a greater person he looked up to for guiding and guarding.

Focus on the Goal
Another thing is that everything you want to succeed in must be given the needed attention and focus. There are so many things in the earth realm now and there is the need to choose a path to focus on at a time. If you need to succeed for a thing, you need to sacrifice all things for it. Focus means that there are a lot of options but you go for a particular one. Every great man is known for a thing and that is why when there is a mention of Mark Zuckerberg, he associated with Facebook, the ant and Solomon comes with wisdom. If Elijah is mentioned, the prophetic come to mind respectively.

JKS: So is this all I need to be successful? 

ANT:  No my friend, there are some you will have to experience yourself. But let me share this with you. If your success is not people-centered, it will be difficult to come by.

JKS: Please what does this mean?

ANT: It means that, if your success is not beneficial to humanity, it is not worth its name. It is something else.  Like Apostle Joshua Selman said, being a millionaire does not necessarily mean you have millions of a currency but it means being a blessing to a million of people.

JKS: Ok!
Thank you and God bless you with more wisdom.

So this section of the conversation ended here. There are more things to tell you on the conversation we had. Keep calm.