Friday, June 10

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Dear V-Wife 

It’s been a week now since I wrote my first letter to you titled ‘a letter to my v-wife’. I hope you have received and read it as well as digesting it appropriately. I hope also to receive a reply from you as soon as you may reply.

This week, I want to bring to your notice the woman I see in you thus the woman I envision to be my perfect helpmate, better half, the bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.

You will bear with me that marriage is a sacred thing and therefore must be treated as such without any compromise to worldly standards. The first attribute in you as my visionary wife is the God-fearing factor without any blemish. The Lord has in His words said so many times that He prospers those who fear Him. Since I see a glorious union between us, I see no other woman than you, who has dedicated your entire life to honour the will of God and diligently obey His commands.

It is an undeniable fact and truth that marriage makes two people become one just like you and I shall become one day after evacuating from my parent’s roof. Due to this I see a trustworthy woman in you. I see a woman of great integrity. What is there more for a marriage which lacks trust from both the man and the woman?

In built in you as my visionary wife, is a woman full of innovation to build our home. There is no doubt that a home is built by a woman but the raw materials are largely provided by the man of the house. I know that without your innovation there will be chaos in the home. I know also by now that you have gathered much experience to accompany the in-built innovation. I envision a woman who makes sure that everything is intact in the home.

The above doesn’t mean I am going to allow you to bear the pains of making a good home all alone. You know that I have my part to play – this is a real man you know.

I also see a beautiful woman inside-out of you. If I say beauty, it doesn’t necessary mean your face is well-organised or well-shaped neither am I talking about your uniquely made nose, attractive lips and the splendid V-shape. All the above and many more are useless if your morals are below the belt. A woman who knows how to greet, knows how to use ‘please’, ‘thank you’, ‘I’m sorry’, and a woman who values people is who I am talking about. The other features are addendum but in our current situation, many young people assumes the otherwise.

I perceive a strong and energetic as well as hardworking woman in you my dear. In all spheres and standards, I can see you soaring higher and making exploits for God and country. To me, a woman is stronger than a man spiritually, mentally and emotionally (it is open to argument though). It is a woman who can bring a King or a President to his knees. I believe you understand this very well.
My Vision, I see in you a woman who genuinely loves people. A person who truly loves does all it takes to keep a good union no matter the circumstances. I see you not abstaining from helping the poor and needy in and around you. May the Lord bless you and also bless our children.

I know for sure that these traits shall not depart from you until we meet and will even grow higher and stronger after our visit to the altar. My humble advice to you is that you must not associate with people who will dilute these powerful features you possess.

Your wise nature nearly escaped my ink. You are a woman who is full of wise sayings and every word from you encourages the heart. The woman I see in you is the one who knows what to say at what time. I see a woman through whose speech I am well respected in society and public.

I want to end this letter with a short story I learnt from a conversation with a friend some time ago.

It so happened that a guy met a lady who he “so loved” and wanted to marry her after series of interactions as well as a number of visits. The lady was very beautiful and exhibited a respectful attitude towards the guy, a few friends and family members of the guy she was privileged to meet. Everything was convincing that a happy home was assured.

Three months down the line, in a rush and without properly knowing the lady, the guy proposed marriage to this supposedly beautiful lady and without hesitation she accepted the offer because it was something she had anticipated.

So it came to pass that they got married and had wonderful honeymoon. Just two months into the marriage, the so called beautiful lady became very ugly as she started bringing out her real self. It is said that a character is like a pregnancy, it will surely come out no matter the suppression. It is just a matter of time. Insults upon insults, unfaithfulness upon unfaithfulness, and disrespect upon disrespects were packaged for this guy.

The lady poured out her real self to the extent that the guy had to apply for divorce and she gladly accepted that offer too - no regrets. As we speak now, she has been unmarried for about three years now. You may ask about the guy. He is happily married to a virtuous woman and blessed with two children and still counting.
I told you this story not to say that you will do same but to humbly inform you that nothing should push you to surrender your true nature and take on any new form. Not because of the ring should you ever be disrespectful to me as your husband just as I will won’t do. Kindly spend some time to read the books of Ruth, Esther and Proverbs 31:10-31 of the scripture mostly.

To this end, I believe that we shall meet soonest and the LORD shall bless our home with true love, happiness and progressive prosperity.

Yours dearly