Wednesday, June 8

The conversation still continued on for a long time. As my curiosity erected its pole on the citadel of wisdom (the ant), I continued to dig deeper than before. Relax and enjoy the continuation of the conversation as you pick up some vital information.

JKS: My loyal friend, you've been talking about knowing the times and season as well as knowing what to do. How do I know the times and season?

ANT: That's a worthy question. You must ask the how of a thing if you do not understand it. In order to know the times and seasons in life thus both spiritually and physically, it is a must to know these things.

Observation. For a person to discern or understand the times and season, you must observe the changes that occur in life. The first timing identified in the scriptures was mentioned in Genesis 1:5 which reads "And God called the light Day, and the darkness He called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, one day."
So as an individual, you must know that there is morning and that there is also evening.
By this, let me bring to your notice, the definition of a MAN.

M - Morning

A - Afternoon

N - Night

So you see from this that man as an entity is structured into seasons.
You must therefore observe and realize the season in which you are currently and the one you are about to enter so as to act accordingly.

Ask. Another thing to do when you want to know seasons is to ask those who may have discovered the season and time of existence. The first person to ask such a question is your maker, the Lord Almighty.  He alone knows the seasons that have past, those that we are in currently in and those that are to come.
You can also ask your fellow humans who have advanced in the knowledge of times and seasons in life. It is because we (ants) are able to ask questions that is why we understand the times and seasons and act accordingly.

Read wide. In order to enhance your knowledge of times and season, it is a requirement to read and enlarge your scope of understanding of the times and seasons like children of Issachar in the scripters. I will say here that the hatred for reading in the love for ignorance which paves way for exploitation and deception both spiritually and physically.

Another thing is record keeping or writing. You must note and write down notable events that happen in and around your life. This will help to appreciate the happenings of event which will eventually give you urge over time and seasons.

JKS: Ok! [Nodding the head slowly up and down]

ANT: Note again that there are spiritual and physical timings and seasons but events usually happen in the spiritual realm before it manifests in the physical world or realm.

Physically, you must be sound in season and times. There are times that it only rains and at times that the sun shines almost always. We call this rainy or wet season and the sunny or dry season respectfully.

JKS: What are some of the spiritual times and seasons?

ANT: An example of the spiritual timing which coincides with the physical realm is the mid-night. Mid-night is the time when supernatural gates are opened. It is therefore incumbent on the individual to make good use of that time for a good cause. Most evil things happen at midnight and most breakthroughs happen at midnight.

JKS: Please how?

ANT: During mid-nights a lot of spiritual activities go on and depending on your position, you might benefit or be disadvantaged.
Asking of how, during this time, a new day in born and utterances in the spirits arena are made by the heavenly forces. They determine what should happen in the new day that had been birthed.
You can do more reading and research on timing and seasons. It will assist you a lot in life’s expedition.

JKS: Okay, God bless you my friend.

Now, I want to find out from you how you manage to create wealth even with your nature (tiny) in order to learn from.

ANT: Great question! There are basic tenets of wealth creation that every human entity must learn. You must understand what wealth creation is, why the need, how can it be created and what must or should specifically be done.

JKS: Okay, I am ready to learn all these. Please show me the secrets because there are many of us who need to know these things.

So this is just a section of the interactions I had with the ant, my newly found friend. I believe there are a lot of lessons embedded in the conversation between JKS and the ANT which we can apply for our own good. MORE TO COME.