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The conversation had continued for just some two hours and it got so interesting to the extent that we were glued to our seats and we were not eager to excuse ourselves anytime soon.

JKS: I want to now ask you something concerning the youth in this our present generation.

ANT: Oh feel free to ask my humble friend.

JKS: What the ant’s concept of the youth?

ANT: Youthfulness according to the ant family is the most group of people who still have the ability to be moving up and down without much constraints as a result of the vibrancy in their system. A youth however is anyone who is between the ages of twelve and thirty-nine. This is our concept of youthfulness.

JKS: Okay! [Nodding the head]. Is the youth relevant in the socio-economic development of a nation?

ANS: A big YES to this question.  Do you know why? The absence of the youth in any organization including religious, secular, and spiritual, there is a total doom. The adults cannot do everything by themselves without recognizing the efforts of the youth. The youth therefore is very critical to the development of the socio-economic system of a nation. The youth can be inspired by any group of people to pursue their cause.

JKS: But my friend, what does the youth possess that makes them more relevant in the human system in general for which they cannot be done away with in the pursuance of the development agenda of a nation?

ANT: This is a brilliant question again. I will help you know that the youth has a lot of resources or assets that forces them to become winners of this present generation. I hope you will let your colleagues know and fully understand what I am going to tell because it will transform societies. It my greatest prayer for this present generation of mankind so that we (the ants) will not be killed by you unnecessarily.  

Physical Strength/energy
There is no denying the fact that the youth is the age group endowed with much and adequate energy towards activities. The youth have this strength to pursue both evil and good stuffs depending on the level of exposure. The way chosen by the youth will determine the end result of the both the spiritual and the physical development of a nation.  

The youth has the time at their disposal which can be corrupted or sanctified. In fact every living thing has time at his or her disposal. Every mankind has 24 hours in a day, 365/6 in a year, 10 years in decade, and 100 years in a generation. The entire development of the being depends also on how time is managed by the individual creature. If the youth decides to spend five (5) hours with the mobile a day on chatting over trivia things which will not help develop him/her, the result is obvious.

Experience of the past age
The youth also has at their disposal, the resource of the past generation’s experience and that is greatly being underused by the youth. I said greatly underused because there are a lot people who have passed through certain spheres of life which the youth can tap into. This however on not the case with the present day youth. There are so many successful people who are still living on earth today that the youth can and should learn from. The Youth is silent and much concerned what they will get on the internet only as well as few deceptions from colleagues. The youth are not allowing the experienced to adequately and efficiently impart before their day of departure comes.

The youth has so many assets to their advantage but most of youth seem ignorant about them and are wallowing about in dismay not knowing what to do.

JKS: Hmmm! So we have all these resources but are not tapping into them to make the most out of them. What are the reasons why and how can we probably overcome these challenges as we make good use of them?

ANT: Since you have asked, it means you are really willing to change that mindset. This is a stepping stone to achieving something and leaving a legacy.
I have identified a lot of worrying things which needs to be addressed by the younger generations to overcome the present age. I want to share 3 of them with you.

JKS: I am all ears.

ANT: The first and foremost thing to be considered is dedication. There is inadequate dedication in the present generation. Dedication stems from passion which means the lack of passion for a particular pursuit will result in inadequate or even lack of passion. The first call is therefore that the youth should be dedicated to a particular cause at a time.

The next to talk about is the absence or low level of humility among the youth. Humility is something that lifts the useless to the point of highly usefulness. Humility goes hand in hand with respect. If you humble yourself under an authority, you begin to learn a lot.  
There are a lot a person can learn from submission. The bible specifically points out that ‘And without all contradiction the less is blessed of the better’. – Hebrew 7:7 (KJV)

The next thing to consider is wisdom and understanding which has been greatly despised by many people in this our time. Wisdom is the ability to know what to do while understanding is the ability to know how to do what. Wisdom is a necessity for the uplift of a person and understanding is what keeps a person in wisdom. How to get wisdom begins with the fear of the LORD.

JKS: I am highly favoured to be your friend because I am learning a lot from you.

This section ends here to pave way for more interesting parts of this episode of the series titled CONVERSATION WITH THE ANT.


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