Friday, June 3

Picture Credit: WikiHow
Dear V-WIFE,

I believe that the Lord is being good to you wherever you are now just like He is doing to me. It has taken too much a time to send you these words because I had the impression that it will be useless thinking that you might not receive it or you might receive it late.

This day as I have gotten the opportunity to send you these words from under the summer hut in my humble abode, I want to make the most out of it.

I want officially introduce myself to you as you may not have seen me not to talk of knowing me. I hope you are aware that there is a difference between seeing and knowing someone.

Seeing someone means that you have physically spotted him or her with your eyes and recognized his or her physique. Knowing a person on the other hand is being abreast with the inner features or characteristics that makes up the person.

Even though you have not seen me, I think it is good you know me beforehand so that you won’t struggle when you happen to see me eventually. This however doesn’t negate the fact that you have to do your own observations and draw your own conclusions. I often struggle to really describe myself to people but for your sake, I will do that as much as I can.

When you check my Facebook bio, it reads CHRIST-focused|| Analytical|| Creative|| Trustworthy|| Disciplined|| Friendly|| THINK tank. This is me in few words but with in-depth details. I will attempt to give a summary.
If you see CHRIST-focused, it simply means that Christ is the director of my life and nothing else takes His place. Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life and my personal savior. I fear the Lord with love but not with fear because that won’t qualify for fear of the Lord. May be something else!

Analytical in the Facebook bio is simply exposing my critical thinking ability. By this, it simply means I don’t take information without looking at both sides and the middle lane. I look at things from all perspectives looking at the pros and cons.

Trustworthiness is drawing attention to the fact that I believe in and uphold the quality of integrity. I am very cautious when it comes to the issues of trust. Trust I believe is built on integrity. A man who disbelieves in trust in every aspect of life is dangerous to dwell with. You have to tell your friends this thing because many of them are being deceived with sweet words and being taken for granted.

Creativity is manly you know! I am person who believes in creativity (birthing ideas into reality) and also manifest its features throughout my everyday life. It is a good thing to be creative in life because it makes you stand on top. If by chance, someone happens to create the thing, you have to quickly support so far as it in line with your interest and build on it if possible.

Disciplined in my Facebook bio does not end there as a word because I have gone through disciplining hands before getting to this stage in life. A disciplined person is a person with principles and doesn’t seek to compromise in anyway.

The Friendly aspect of me explains my mingling ability. I am able to easily make friends with people but not recklessly. This is very crucial because in life, you do not know the one who will help you just like you do not know the one who will pull you down. Even as I am friendly, I cannot pinpoint that this fellow is my best friend though. Best friends are very hard to come by but there is a way to create a sincere one. Check what the bible says about unfriendly people in Proverbs 18:1.

THINK tank simply exposes my aspect of thinking thus looking beyond imaginations or the ‘now part’ of life. I want to win as well be successful in life and that is why I think. Bishop Gideon Titi-Offei of Sheepfold Ministry in Accra, Ghana has a saying that “if you want to win, don’t worry about tomorrow, THINK about tomorrow.

A lot of people in this day and age refuse to think before proposing to ladies and most ladies also do not think before saying yes or no. My V-Wife, please if I say I love you, think about it thoroughly and examine yourself, myself and ourselves several times before you say ‘I love you too’. This is wisdom. 

All I want to express in this letter is that please you have to know the person you might want be dating even if I don’t happen to meet you in due time. Don’t just say YES or NO for saying sake because it has the tendency of making or unmaking your future home.

But I believe that we shall meet soonest and the LORD shall bless our home with true love, happiness and sustainable prosperity.

Yours dearly

Julius Kofi Satsi.