Wednesday, December 5

As tension is arising due to the December 7 general election, I want
all Ghanaians to be vigilant and focus especially our ladies. Ghana is
going to elect her president and parliamentarians on 7th December 2012
and as a result, all political parties and independent candidates who
want to capture political power in order to manage the affairs of our
noble country are putting in all efforts.
      The electoral commission of Ghana has forcefully created
forty-five new constituencies in addition to the two-hundred and
thirty prevailing ones.
According to the Electoral Commission they did so to prevent gerrymandering.
      The various political parties have brought out the secret
activities which really threatens the peace of this country.
Although the 2008 election was claimed to be violence free, issues at
Ashiaman were appalling. We don't anything violence to prevail in any
part of the country this year on December 7th.
    The politicians have diplomatic passport and would fly out of the
country if there should  be anything turmoil in this year's election.
How often do we see our politicians?
Have you also seen the daughter  or son of any politician campaigning
for him or her?
   I don't expect any youth to be used as a destructive tool under the
influence of something we call money.
It's high time the youth of Ghana be critical thinkers. Peace can only
be achieved totally if all youth of this country resist the offers
from politicians.
      We are not ready to be refugees where are  some of our rights
will be limited.
If you want  to experience what some countries  such as Libya, DR
Congo, Rwanda, and many others, then we should accept this destructive
offers  from these politicians.
    I we all to sustain the peace we enjoying before, during, and
after this up coming election.
           Let us identify and resist the tricksters of politicians.
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