Friday, March 15

 I have heard that the government is planning to sponsor two hundred pastors to go to Israel to pray for the nation Ghana. Though this is a good idea, it has generated a lot of arguments both in the media and in the public domain.
According to Rev. Gabriel Ansah; a presenter and minister on Adom Fm, He sees nothing wrong with that because He believed that if the government could sponsor some Muslims to  Mecca pilgrimage every year, it can certainly be done for Christians and for that matter the 200 pastors for the Easter pilgrimage. He was speaking on an interview granted him by the Station to express his view on the issue.
In my own view, I think as it stands now, there are lots of hardships in the system. Ghanaians are suffering economically. This is where I think we should focus now in order to save ourselves from the astronomical water rationing, poor energy situation, and the collapse of the National Health Insurance Scheme.
The two million dollars that is going to be used for this sponsorship can be minimized. This will assist in paying attention to the other collapsing sectors of the economy: which has now entered the double digit inflation again. If there is the need to send these 200 men of God by all means, I think the number should be reduced to say half of the number in order to take care of the other areas of the economy. I believe God is the redeemer but we should be mindful of whatever we do especially at this particular time of our country’s economy.

Mr. President, please consider your decision so that you can rule this country successfully and peacefully. I hope and wish the Government of Ghana will listen to the voice of the people who gave him the power to rule.
I hope and believe that this little piece of my idea will help in making us great and strong.
Thank you.
Julius Kofi Satsi
Ghana Institute of Journalism
Level 100