Tuesday, June 25

The voyage is long and even longer but no matter how far it is we
shall complete one day-Julius Kofi Satsi (2013).

In my candid way of appreciating the good works than by the Junior High School (J.H.S.) pupils, I say congrats to you all for being able to sail through with your Basic Education Certificate Examination. For starting and completing from 17-24 June, 2013 is enough to be hailed.

Before then, I thank the Almighty God for sailing you through this
seem-to-be endless journey. I also thank all the teachers in the basic
schools for guiding my younger and elder siblings as to what to do and
what not to do when they were in your guardianship. Thumbs are up for
I hope this message would reach every Leaver of the J.H.S. because if
every pupil should read, it will help in the development of this noble
nation of ours.
My advice to you is that you have just started your journey into the
vast world and how far you will go start from now. Five years ago,
when I completed my J.H.S. education on 26 April, 2008, I started
studying Senior High School (S.H.S.) ‘Aki-Ola’ mathematics which I
took from one student in the Akim-Oda St.Francis S.H.S. that 26 April
Somebody saw and asked me a question ‘why, are you going to impeach
the President?’ I know where I am going to was the reply I gave and I
tell you that I have never fail any subject in SHS till I completed
last year. I therefore urge you to kindly start reading books ahead of
time as you wait for results.
To add to the above I also want you help your parents or if possible
get something reasonable, legally and profitable doing so that you can
assist in furthering your education. I wonder if people ask ‘Have you
completed school’ and some people answer and say ‘yes I completed’. I
see that as an indirect curse on your own persona. Tell the person yes
I have completed Junior High School and don’t generalize it as school.

Additionally, I am sure some of you have gone to the beaches, leavers’
night and things as such. I think you should do the otherwise by going
to your place of worship or probably pray fervently thanking God first
before going to any other place because the Lord is the greatest of
all. You should by now know that, you started with a lot of people and
ended with some leaving you behind. It is by the grace of God that you
were able to complete. If I were you I would be praying from this very
day till my result comes. Because you don’t know where your papers are
going to and who is marking them for you. Therefore you should always
be in a prayer mood waiting for your result.

Furthermore, I would like to quote Chinua Achebe in his book ‘Things
Fall Apart’ that “the man who gives respect to the great paves his way
to greatness. You must endeavor to respect the elders in the vicinity
that you shall find yourself.  This is because you do not know the one
who will be of help to you someday to come. You need to keep in touch
with your mates as well because the world is spherical and revolves
and come back to its initial place.

Necessarily I would urge the parents and/or guardians of my siblings
to help in talking to them so that we will not have lots of
prostitutes, armed robbers, pick-pockets, and the like on our streets
because it will be a serious barricade to the development of this
nation. After all, if they become such aforementioned, who will be the

Julius Kofi Satsi